If I ever have the chance to save a life I’m going to save them then say “the target is safe. The time is __ and the date is __.” Then lean over look them dead in the eyes and say ” Your great great great grandson is a very important person..” Then take off running. That way someone out there will be forever telling the story of how they were saved by someone from the future.

There once was a boy on a bike..

There once was a boy on a bike
and a girl that he sort of liked
The bike became two-tired
of this two timing liar
He fell over into a field
before the girl who couldn’t yield
Before she laid down to rest
the boy started to confess
His feelings weren’t real
at least not the way he was supposed to feel.

She ran from the field to the beach
when the bike started to screech
She sat in the sand to wale
as the boy turned and bailed

The bike began to lecture what he lacked in
then lost all his traction
The argument trailed off course
so the boy started to reverse.

He pedaled faster and faster to get back to her
Along with his aching thighs,
he created some more lies.
The beach was finally reached
before the bike finished his speech.
He told the bike the bike not to worry.
not knowing he started a flurry
Inside her chest
she was not her best
He thought he couldn’t hurt her
but he was dead wrong, as her heart chilled with a burr.

The boy pleaded and pleaded
but that’s not all she needed.
He swore he spoke the truth
but she didn’t have to be sleuth.
She saw right through them all
that’s when she began to bawl.

Everything in her went numb
when she realized she was quite dumb.
She didn’t notice he was trite
and all her friends were right.
She found her big mistake
by trusting someone who couldn’t make…
the correction of apology
without dropping to their knees.

She figured out then and there
he would never be able to bear
The love she had to share
even knowing nothing was fair.

There once was a boy on the bike
the one that was no longer liked.
For his reputation got around
because she was not the only girl in town.